Andrew Garrard's Fluppet home page

Welcome to the home page of Andrew Garrard, also occasionally known as Fluppet and Fluppeteer.

Actually, this web page has been on-line for years, but it's currently being revamped. Please excuse any rough edges.

Things to be found here:

Me About me.
CUTwC C. U. Tiddlywinks Club's web site
(or the old version).
FAQ Just what is a fluppet anyway?
Inventions Some of my invention ideas.
Graphics My thoughts on computer graphics
(and other software ideas).
Software Some software by me.

Contact me.

Please note: Some <insert expletive> is sending spam, at least to AOL, spoofing the From: line as being at my machine name. See my "contact me" link for why this would never be anything to do with me. Please check your headers - the spam is not coming from anywhere near my machine (only the "From:" line is forged), so I'd appreciate if you didn't try to get my domain banned if you're a victim. Best of luck tracking the real culprit.