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National pages

ETwA, the English Tiddlywinks Association
ScotTwA, the Scottish Tiddlywinks Association
NATwA, The North American Tiddlywinks Association

Club pages

StATS, the St. Andrews Tiddlywinks Society
YUTS, the York University Tiddlywinks Society
OUTS the Oxford University Tiddlywinks Society
WASP, the Winkers At Silwood Park (Imperial College)
The Harvard Tiddlywinks Society

Personal winks pages

Rick Tucker's
Tim Hedger
Phil Carmody
Rick Tucker
Larry Kahn

Miscellaneous resources newsgroup
Frequently asked questions
answered by Patrick Barrie
Lexicons of winks
at StATS
at NATwA
(and see the FAQ)
History of the game
The early history of the modern game at CUTwC
Before the modern game
(and see the FAQ)
Where to get equipment (in the UK, contact ETwA)
The official rules
Advice to players
A strategic introduction and other tactical advice
How to play singles
How to make squidgers
Timmy's brainstorm page

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